I have dealt with a debilitating condition for 14 years now called interstitial cystitis. This means not only 60-70 visits to the bathroom each day, but that I’m in constant pain. Sometimes to the point that I sit up for hours at night. I had been taking baking soda in water to alkalyze my body, which provides some relief.

I was introduced to Wheat Grass USA through a friend. I was reluctant because nothing has helped me. But I decided to try it. While most people take 1 shot a day, it was recommended that I take between 4-6 shots each day due to the seriousness of my condition. One thing I noticed within a week or two was that my energy had increased. This is a big deal because I’m up at least every hour at night to go to the bathroom, I’m always tired.

I also had severe difficulty getting a deep breath, particularly at night. Within a month, for the first time in almost two years, my breathing was clear. Regarding the IC – my symptoms have decreased markedly. No it hasn’t went away – yet. But having run through a gamut of expensive drugs and watching my symptoms worsen, I’m thankful for the relief I’ve seen.

A few weeks ago, I had been ill and wasn’t taking it as faithfully as I had been because I was down in bed. Within a couple days the symptoms worsened and I was reminded of the positive effects the wheat grass was providing me. IC is an autoimmune disorder. Because wheat grass rebuilds the immune system, I’m hopeful I will see the lining of my bladder and urethra heal itself.

Were that not to happen, I would still continue using Wheatgrass Juice USA’s products for its many other positive benefits. Most people don’t have the health issues I have. If someone were to ask my recommendation, I would strongly suggest you try it. I saw my most positive effects when I hit the 3 month mark. So I would suggest if you’re going to commit, to take it at least that long.

I really believe people will be amazed what a little shot of this juice will do for their health, energy and vitality. I know there are other companies out there, but I honestly don’t trust everyone. I’ve researched Wheatgrass Juice USA and know that they have a specific system to keep their juice fresh and retain the nutrients. They are 100% organic and so I’m confident I’m getting a good product. If you’ve been looking for something to help you, I’d strongly suggest you give them a call and try it.

Matt M

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