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Nutritional Freedom

Bringing Nutrition to your body nature's way


Hydroponically Grown

Rich In Minerals

Vegan Friendly

Live Enzymes

Raw Active Food

Essential Amino Acids

100% Natural

Gluten Free

Pure Nutrition

Grown from 100% certified organic hard red winter wheat berries

Wheatgrass USA is leading the way in growing, harvesting and juicing hydroponic wheatgrass. Our wheatgrass has been lab tested and approved for purity, quality and nutrients.

Hydroponics is water working with the seed and light in a controlled environment to produce a high-quality, natural product. 

This technique allows us to harvest and utilize all of the plants nutritional properties. In this type of controlled environment, it prevents the introduction of unwanted impurities into the grass. We follow the strict standards of the FSMA (Food Safety & Modernization Act), which allows us to consistently produce a pure, high-quality yield of wheatgrass. 


At Wheatgrass USA, we juice the roots and leaves together. Juicing the roots is an advantage to our process. The roots and leaves contain different yet wonderful nutrients that work synergistically to form balanced nutrition to your body. They can accomplish more by working together. Wheatgrass is high in nutrition, enzymes, and active elements. In fact, it gives our wheatgrass juice a naturally sweeter taste.

Eating live food matters. Bring your body to life!

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I was introduced to Wheat Grass USA through a friend. I was reluctant because nothing has helped me. But I decided to try it. While most people take 1 shot a day, it was recommended that I take between 4-6 shots each day due to the seriousness of my condition. One thing I noticed within a week or two was that my energy had increased. This is a big deal. Because I'm up at least every hour at night to go to the bathroom, I'm always tired. I also had severe difficulty getting a deep breath, particularly at night. Within a month, for the first time in almost two years, my breathing was clear. Read more...
I've been taking a shot of wheatgrass each morning for about a month. Within the first week Read More...

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